Finally, having your own home is like a dream come true—having a place of your own, spending time with your friends and family in a home you worked hard for. Two ways you can achieve it is: buying a property or buying vacant land and building in it. Here are some reasons why you should buy a vacant block of land:

It appreciates for long-term.

A vacant land usually remains in the same condition you bought it in. With time, these lands can slightly appreciate in value.

The land could experience significant appreciation when it is located in a once undesirable area that went through development and becomes a more desirable place to live in.

Buying a vacant land has lower competition.

An advantage in buying a block of land is that it has a smaller competition than in buying houses or apartments. This allows you to negotiate better deals.

Gives leeway for greater customisation.

What’s great in buying vacant land is that you can do whatever you want with it, as long as it’s within the local council’s rules and building codes. You build a house, have a pool, or even build a commercial property.

If you choose to buy vacant land, here are some pointers:

Choose your builder first.

This is the most important step in building your new home—choosing a builder first before buying land. Having a reputable builder by your side can help you get the ideal block of land and pair it with the best home design.

Check the size, shape, orientation and slope of the block of land.

When you’ve found a few candidates, inspect the width, depth and slope of the block against the dimensions of the kinds of houses you would like to build. You should also check how high the plot is above sea level, in case the area you’re building on is flood-prone.

Check the soil type.

Each land has different types and compositions of soils. One essential thing you should check is the soil’s site classification—its response to increased or decreased moisture content. Getting a geotechnical report will help you immensely.

Check on the land’s accessibility.

Consider how basic services will be provided to the block. This includes water supply, electricity, sewage, telephone, and internet.

Check on building restrictions.

Consult the local council for their rules on building limits and restrictions. They can have different rules on a house’s style, colours, materials you will use, among other things.

If you want to build a brand new home in a block of land, here are some areas we suggest you consider:

2 Barefoot Boulevard, Barrine

  • Absolute Lake Frontage
  • Shared Pontoon
  • Water to the block
  • Sewer jump up installed
  • World famous Barramundi fishing
  • Surrounded by prestigious homes
  • Amazing outlook

Lot 1-4, 42-44, Hutchinson Street, Edge Hill

  • All 4 Lots in excess of 1000 square metres
  • Rainforest surrounds
  • Great Outlook

9 Knowles Street, Whitfield

  • Uninterrupted city, ocean and mountain views
  • Private and tranquil surroundings
  • Close distance to different establishments

If you decide on which land to choose, you can always drop a message for an inspection—we’ll be waiting for you!


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