Selling your home is one of the biggest things you might do in your life. It can even be considered a milestone or a turning point in one’s life with all the memories associated with that house. To make sure that everything in the selling process goes smoothly, here are five things you should do before listing it for sale:

1. Strategise.

Before selling, research about the market in your area. How much are homes selling for? Is it a good time to sell? Where do you plan to move to? What is your budget, including moving expenses? Knowing these things will help you figure out your goals and have a good view of your finances before preparing for the sale.

2. Get your home ready.

Check every corner of your home. Does it need a fresh coat of paint? Does any part of your home need fixing or repairing? Does your lawn need help? Look at your home with a buyer’s eye, take notes, and do your best in preparing your home for sale. However, if your home has major issues, you can either spend time and money fixing it or draw up a plan for it in your campaign.

3. Prepare your heart.

Your home is your sanctuary, and the fact that you’re selling, it will be a little hard for you emotionally. Detach yourself from it—at the end of the day, it’s just a piece of property. You can always make good memories in other places. Just focus on the new chapter of your life in a new home and make sure that your soon-to-be former home has a good new owner.

4. Search for an awesome agent.

Any agent just won't do—you need someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, and has your best interests at heart. Ask around for recommendations, check customer reviews, and interview your potential agents. Make sure that they’re knowledgeable about your area, are personable, and are updated on real estate marketing trends.

5. Organise everything for the sale.

  • Marketing. Go over the marketing methods with your agent. Make sure that you get the best photographer and videographer to show off the best features of your home.
  • Paperwork. Prepare your home’s documentation such as required certifications from the local council, certificate of title, and the like in advance so that everything goes smoothly.
  • Inspections. Make your home easily accessible for buyers, no matter what time it is. People might want to view your home during odd hours because of work and other matters, so be prepared at all times.
  • Staging. Home staging is important in making sure your home sells fast. Make sure that everything is clean and neat. Your home should also be depersonalised so that buyers can imagine themselves living there.

Selling your home involves a lot of preparation and organisation. Doing these things before you even list your home ensures that your property will be ready to sell anytime—making it faster for you to move on to the next chapter of your life, in a new home. If you need help in selling your home, drop us a message or give us a call.


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