One of the most important aspects, when you’re selling a home, is to make your home look its best so it appeals to buyers. A way to help with that is property staging. But is it worth it? Read on to find out!

What is property staging?

Property staging is a way to really make your home look its best and to appeal to potential buyers with the goal of selling the property at a higher price in the shortest possible time. This could be done through DIY or by professional home stagers. If you have no experience and design knowledge, it’s best to hire a professional home stager.

What does property staging entail?

That will depend on what you want to achieve and your property. It might just be minor alterations such as adding furnishings or artwork, or major work such as hiring everything, from furniture to small accessories.

To enhance your home’s functionality and ambience, home stagers may rearrange or remove certain items from a room and declutter to make spaces more open and de-personalised.

Pros and Cons of Property Staging

Staging has many advantages for sellers:

  • Expertise. Property stagers are interior experts—they will choose furniture and decor that will fit your home perfectly and make the most out of the space available. Their choices will also create the right look and atmosphere that you want for your home.
  • Market appeal. Stagers can create a look you’re aiming for and appeal to a certain demographic. For example, if you want to attract young professionals or a family, they can use furniture and decor to create an environment that will appeal to your target market.
  • Create a good first impression. First impressions last, so your home should have the “wow factor” for it to be unforgettable and for buyers to fall in love with it at first sight. Property staging helps with that—it can help your home stand out from the sea of similar properties.
  • Adding warmth and character to a property. If you’re selling an empty home, you might find it hard to find a buyer. Property staging can add a nice and welcoming ambience and help buyers see the potential in your home.
  • Attract more buyers. When buyers see lovely photos of your beautifully staged home, it will make them want to check out your property.
  • Raise the selling price. This is the ultimate goal of property staging. A survey revealed that staging can boost the final sale price of your home by 12%. Aside from increasing the final sale price, staging can help your property get more offers, too.

Home Stagers in Cairns

Home staging is a worthy spend when selling a home—sell your property faster and get more for it! If you ever decide to hire a stager, here are our recommendations!

Satra Styling

Azure Style Collections

Coast Stylish Living

Unique Property Staging

Good luck with your home selling journey! If you need more help or advice, we’re always ready to help—just drop a message!


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