Social media has made a huge impact on our daily lives. We spend most of our day tapping away at our phones, communicating with people, being entertained, and influencing our decisions.

This is why the real estate market should utilise social media in marketing properties, especially with the number of millennial first-time home buyers out there. Those millennial's make up 99 percent of people looking for homes through the internet.

Now, you ask: how can I use social media effectively? Let us show you...

Ask for help.

There’s nothing wrong with doing it by yourself, but the expertise and guidance of a real estate agent will help you immensely. They will make sure that your property will get the best price possible and answer questions from interested buyers. Also, a good real estate agent employs the latest social media practices to reach as many people as possible.

Target your audience.

Targeting is one way to make sure that your property is being seen by the right people. One useful tool is Facebook Ads—this tool sets up advertisements and you can aim those ads to your target market. You just need to input their demographics and you’re done!

Make sure that every marketing material is of high quality.

It’s a given that you need photos and videos, but it’s non-negotiable to have high quality photos and videos, and you’ll only get that by hiring a professional photographer and videographer. Photos should bring out the best in your property and the video should show off the highlights of the property. The copy and signage should also be high-quality and witty. It should tell the story of the property, detailing its functions and how it’s like to live there.

These elements together will create an eye-catching post that will stop people from scrolling and make them interested.

Make content personal.

Social media is all about being personal and relatable. This is why you should incorporate the stories about your home. Tell your agent about how it was like to live in your home and your favourite memories there.

If you have a specific buyer in mind, make sure that your posts appeal to them. For example, if you want buyers that have families, post about nearby schools or parks to show that your property is perfect for their kids. If you’re trying to appeal to students, talk about nearby cafes, shops, and universities.

Consistency is the key.

Posting regularly will help you gain followers and build interest in your property. It might be hard to come up with good posts in a hurry, so be sure to craft and schedule them a week before. There are many helpful tools for scheduling social media posts such as Buffer and Hootsuite.

Social media has changed the game for every industry, including real estate. To ensure a successful sale of your property, you should utilise this weapon well. But you don’t need to do it alone—we can be of help. Just drop a message anytime!


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