Many buyers purchasing an existing home may want renovations to be underway and finished before they move in. It’s understandable, because who wants to live in a home being renovated? However, we suggest something else entirely: why don’t you live in your new home and hold off on any big home projects?  Here are some reasons why you should consider living in your home before renovating:


  • Give yourself (and your wallet) a break.


The stress of finding a new home, inspections, buying the home, and moving in is, frankly, enough stress for a person to last a year. Adding renovations to that will just increase your stress levels even more. Renovations will also take a bigger dent out of your finances, remember. So why not take a breather and enjoy your new home for a bit?

Aside from that, juggling ongoing renovations with your other responsibilities will be difficult. Let yourself and your family adjust to the new home and the new neighbourhood first.


  • Your priorities may change.


Buying a new home is already a major purchase. An emergency on top of renovations can just add to that. If an unexpected circumstance arises such as an accident or any unexpected expenses, that will naturally take precedence over the renovation. However, stopping in the middle of a renovation is just unsightly and inconvenient. You might need to take out a loan just so the renovations can be done as soon as possible, especially if that project is happening on a major part of the house.


  • You can plan the whole renovation project better.


You’ll get a better feel of the house once you’ve stayed in it before renovations begin. As the days go by, you might realise that there are some parts that don’t need renovations as opposed to the original plans, or vice versa. Or you might see a design or concept you want to try out in your new home. You won’t be able to do that if the home’s already renovated. The time will allow you to refine your plans to give maximum convenience and comfort to you and your family. Not rushing to do renovations will give you a better presence of mind and you will be less likely to jump into hasty decisions, which could happen when you’re impatient to finish a renovation. This will give you time to save up, it's a win-win, right?


  • Have higher-quality work.


The breather will allow you to look for the best designers and contractors that will suit your needs, vision and your budget, too. You won’t need to hurry just to actually move in and start living life in your new home. In turn, you won’t need to rush your contractors’ work and result in sloppy work.

Choosing the right designers and contractors will not only result in a beautiful home but also to fewer expenses down the track. You won’t need to spend more money and time in another renovation just because the previous renovation was rushed.

No matter what you decide to do, make sure that it is in line with your needs and priorities. Make sure that the home improvements you’d like to do are necessary and won't over capitalise in the end. If you need advice about picking a home or renovations, we’re only a message away!


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