As a Property Investor, you expect your Rental Yield to always be rising regardless of the market value of your investment. The Cairns Investment market is experiencing high demand for rentals, giving Investors the opportunity to capitalise with High Rental Yields. Put simply, the Rental Yield is essentially the % amount of money you can expect to earn in rental income on an investment property.

Cairns is in a positive position with regards to investments compared to the southern capital cities, with Sydney returning an average of 3.9% Gross Rental Yield and Melbourne returning an average of 5.5% Gross Rental Yield. Cairns however; a good rental yield for buy to let property is 5.1% or more.

There are certain Suburbs in Cairns are offering between 5-7.5% Gross Rental Yield which is a pretty good settling point also; more specifically White Rock is at 7.4%, Manoora at 7.2%, Whitfield at 4.9%, Mooroobool at 6.1% and Redlynch at 5.4%.

Whilst focusing on the yields of investment properties, compare your investment with High Interest Savings Accounts. At the moment the highest Interest Savings Accounts are averaging 1.85% to 2.35% per year. Then...add the capital growth potential of property and the benefits to mitigating tax.

If you own an Investment Property in the Cairns Region and would like an obligation FREE Investment Health Check or; if you are interested in re-investing into a higher yielding suburb please get in touch. 


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