Cairns Real Estate: What buyers are looking for


Cairns Real Estate: What buyers are looking for

Insight about what buyers want in a home is always welcome. This is so sellers will know what to work on to sell their home as soon as and as high a price as possible. If you’re in Cairns and looking to sell your home. look no further. The insight you need to know is here - just read on!

What are homebuyers looking for in Cairns?

One word: backyards.

The Far North is all about the outdoors: swimming in the beach in wintertime, lush forests, the Great Barrier Reef, and a great community. Of course, that will extend to housing choices and preferences - people will want a property with a piece of the outdoors in it. One can go outside and see the beauty of Cairns, just from their own backyard. A backyard provides a grassy playing area for the kids and pets, a space to have friends over, and just somewhere you can unwind after a long day. People moving from the southern parts of Queensland will particularly love this. Who won’t love spending winter without the cold snow, right?


Aside from that, you can buy a decent-sized house at the same price as a fairly-sized unit. All that space and having the authentic tropical and outdoor lifestyle - the true value for money.

Having backyards will also give you space to do things you’d normally do outside - have a barbecue, play soccer, and the like. This is ideal, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic currently devastating the world. The less time spent outside with crowds, the less chances to contract the disease. While this is not the primary reason homebuyers look for a home with a backyard in Cairns, this is still an important consideration.

Just look at this
property in Kanimbla as an example. It’s a property without rear neighbours, has a large backyard and a private pool, with the scenic city and ocean views visible. You can enjoy the water and the beautiful view with the whole family - best staycation ever!

What if I want to build a new home?

The Australian government launched the HomeBuilder grant to provide eligible citizens $25,000 to build a new home or renovate their existing home. This grant will also help the residential construction industry to encourage new builds and renovations. If you’re one of the people who will use the Australian Government’s HomeBuilder grant, here are some design ideas:


  • Most builders build two-storey homes with brick for the first floor and lightweight for the second storey - a modern Queensland design.

  • Big decks and pools are the trend. Outdoor lounging space to relax and unwind in while staying at home.

  • Arts rooms for kids are also in demand. Nurture your little ones’ artistic skills with this kind of room!


Make sure you check the guidelines for eligibility and requirements for the grant before you apply. If you’re looking for land to build your Cairns home, here are some you might be interested in.


If you need some assistance in buying or selling property and land, you can always drop a message in our socials! Know that we’re always ready to lend a helping hand.



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