Tips For Selling A House While Away Over Christmas


Tips For Selling A House While Away Over Christmas

Tips For Selling A House While Away Over Christmas

Selling a house can be challenging even when you’re there personally to oversee the whole process. This process becomes harder when you’re away from home for the holidays. Need some advice on how to get the best possible outcome even when you’re not there? We have your back - here are some tips for you:

 Let your tenants know.

If your property has tenants, telling them that you need to terminate the lease is the first thing you should do. Make sure that you give the required period of notice. The lease itself will take care of the terms and timelines as long as you give the required notice on time. If you have a property manager, you can just notify them and they’ll take it from there.

Find a selling agent.

Even if you have an agent that manages your property for you, you will still need to look for a selling agent. If you don’t know an agent you can trust, seek recommendations from friends and family. The agent should be knowledgeable about the area your property is in, knows what buyers want, and is updated with legislation and marketing trends. Make sure that they’re also accredited and insured. Be careful when choosing an agent, because they’re the ones doing everything in your stead since you’re away.

Get the property ready for sale.

Have someone you trust prepare the property for inspection and sale. If you haired a property manager, they can help with this by getting the property cleaned before any potential buyers see the house.

Consider having a stylist look at your property to ensure that it will appeal to potential buyers. Also, have some basic repairs and improvements done such as repainting. All to make sure that your home will wow potential buyers and sell faster.

Expect some back and forth.

The price negotiation is when you need to trust your agent the most. At this stage of the sale process, giving your agent clear instructions is essential. They should negotiate a good price for your property, especially if you’re selling via private treaty. However, you should still have realistic expectations on the price. At this time, expect more calls from your agent as you consider and field offers. You can also sell through auction - a much simpler choice - but still, clear instructions are necessary.

Hire a solicitor or conveyancer.

When the sale pushes through, the process is still the same. You need to hire a solicitor or conveyancer to handle the legal aspects of the sale. Once again, you should hire someone you can trust and you need to give clear instructions. This is to ensure that the final and the most important process of the sale goes smoothly.

Communication, communication, communication.

Having clear lines of communication is vital for this whole process to go without a hitch. Everyone involved - you, your property manager if you have one, your selling agent, a family or friend that oversees things for you, solicitor/conveyancer - should have one another’s phone numbers and email addresses. Make sure that you check your messages regularly!

We hope these tips can help ease the worries of selling your property while you’re away for Christmas! If you need someone to sell your home while you’re not there, we can absolutely do that for you. Just drop us a message anytime.



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