Do you want the best possible return from your property investment with the least amount of headaches?

The right property manager can be your greatest asset, to maximise your returns and handle everything for you — but not all managers were created equal. If you feel like you could be generating more income and recieving better service, you’re in the right place.


At Champions In Real Estate we maximise your income with the minimum amount of stress.

But we don’t just help you earn more, we help you avoid all the time-consuming and expensive headaches like vacant properties, dealing with difficult tenants, receiving surprise invoices, a lack of communication and having to do everything yourself.


More money, less headaches.

Do you want someone who treats your property like it’s their own? Do you want someone who proactively looks at how they could make it a more efficient investment by adding value and increasing rental returns? That’s where our property managers at Champions In Real Estate shine.

We take care of things you didn’t even know you needed so you don’t have to worry about it. You’ll have a team by your side that sees and solves problems before they happen, with regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your property in great condition and make sure your tenants are happy.

What makes us different to other property managers?

Proactive Service

We see and solve problems before they happen, and proactively look for opportunities to add value.

Property Limits

Our team handles a manageable amount of properties so you don't get lost in a pile.

Personal Contact

You can call your property manager directly on their personal phone, not an office receptionist.

Advanced Technology

We use the latest tech to keep everything efficient and transparent with 24/7 online access.

Let us show you the difference.

Property management is more than finding tenants and transferring money. It’s about creating prosperity for investors and longevity in your investments. For superior property management with a team that puts you first, click the button to enquire today.